Battery Dead After Not Using for Week

Anybody else having this issue?

I fully charge the battery, use the tape for a little bit, and then do a ‘long press’ on the ON/OFF button. The T1 appears to go into sleep mode because the OLED screen goes dark.

I don’t use the T1 for a week or so.

I go to use it again and its dead.

The easy solution until the firmware is fixed is to remove the battery from the tape when not in use.

I hope REEKON is reading these posts and adds the fix for this issue to their next firmware update.

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Hello, yes it is something we are looking into as it appears to only affect certain units so looking into the cause and fix!

Same issue here. Very frustrating.

Also happening to me. I have the unit shipped 1/24 with a split blade type “B” in case that adds to your investigation into which units are exhibiting the problem.

Same here.

Battery does not last in unit even when turned off.

We have noticed that there is a sleep mode issue where the power is draining faster than expected when in sleep mode. We are working to have this addressed in an upcoming firmware update. Our apologies for the inconvenience!

Only had my T1 for 2 days. First day battery died after about 3 hr.
I gave it a full charge, then on second day was working and after 3-4 hour I picked up the T1 and it would not turn on. I thought the battery was dead again, but when I plugged it in to charge, the screens would not come on and say “charging”.
I checked the battery with a voltmeter, it is good at about 8 volts.
But T1 wil not power up.

Hey Ron, please reach out to us at if youre having any issues and we would be happy to help

I sent an email with a photo of the epaper screenthat shows thebattery was at 3 bars when it died and would not turn on any more.

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Same here - in less than a week after turning off the battery is flat

I am in the beta firmware update that was released last week. I charged the T1 up after the update. I have not had to charge the T1 up since. The power off feature definitely made all the difference for me

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Same on my unit. Battery dead after day of sitting in off mode. Not very useful. Disappointed.

Hey Andre, please send us an email at and we would be happy to help!

Hate beating a dead horse but, having the same issues of a dead battery after 4 days unused. Also, how long should the unit be able to be used with a fully charged battery (hours)? I also noticed that when I look at the ROCK app after fully charging the T1, it only charge to 97%.

Hey Craig, the battery indicator is only accurate to about +/- 10% so that is normal. The battery should be able to be used for 12-15 hours of continuous use after charging. There is a bug in the power saving modes that is addressed in the updated firmware. If you would be interesting in testing it, there are more details on the thread here:

Im having the same problem i like the tool very much but im very frustrated that if i dont use it for a few days its dead and i have to recharge it and i have to use a regular tape should be a way to completely turn off the unit not just put it to sleep

Hello, there is in the new firmware (power saving and holding the power button completely turns off the T1), if you would be interested in trying, please sign up here:

I am having the same problem. Went to use the T1 on Saturday, battery was dead. Charged it to full, used it only for about 1/2 hour (was a small project). Went to take a measurement today and receive the message that the battery needed to be recharged. Please get this firmware finalized and pushed out so this is not just an expensive paperweight!

It’s available now! Submit your info on the above link and it will be enabled

You guys (&gals) are awesome. Thank you.

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