Battery Dead After Not Using for Week

Same issue here. I use it for less than an hour. It’s dead a week later and have to charge again.

It’s unclear as well when the unit is done charging. I think there should be a battery indicator showing how much battery is left during use as well as an indicator of how long until it’s done charging and clearly show when it is done charging. Otherwise you’re not sure how long to leave it plugged in. Rev 2 of this design should fix the need to open the cover during charging as well. Seems like a cheap compromise during design for as much as this costs.

my T1 used up a full battery just sitting on my desk as I waited for a solution the the firmware update problem … there is a thread already running on how the T1 never really shuts off unless you pull the batter

Same issue here. Every time I pull out my tape after its been sitting for over a day the battery is dead… I’ve resorted to storing it with the battery removed which is annoying because then I risk losing the battery cover. Hope this can be resolved with a software update.