Battery Life & Charging T1

As some have noted already:

After a full charge and no use, battery is dead in about seven (7) days.

I can no longer charge the TI as I also have the screen showing battery charging after 18 hours in a charger.

The T1 will not turn on at all. Now it is just an oversized tape measure.

T1: RKN-T1-001-A

Battery: RKN-B1-001-A


Hey Russ, please send us an email at and we would be happy to look into it more!

As requested the information was sent to the help desk

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After 10 days no use and full charge.

Hello! While there are certainly improvements being worked on for the next update to further extend life, lithium ion batteries do inherently drain over time if they are left in the device as well as temperature dependencies. the maximize battery life, the battery should be fully removed when not in use and kept in a warm, dry place to retain as much life as possible without charging.

Please note as well that the battery indicator in general is only accurate to about +/- 10% based on circuitry limitations so may not always be the best indicator.

Mine is losing most of it’s charge in as little as 2 days without use, I’ve updated to the newest firmware and it still drains, despite ensuring it’s off when placed in it’s holster mounted to the wall.

I understand removing the battery is a “fix”… but that leaves us with the question, How do I go about not losing this smallish battery? The holster has no storage compartment, removing the door and allowing the battery to retract out of it’s seat opens me to losing the door and allowing dust/particulate to accumulate in the battery compartment over time.

shoot us an email at and well enable the new firmware for you try out which should help with this issue!

My email is & I’d like the new firmware also.

Hello, please fill out the form here, thanks!