False Low Battery Alert

Found an interesting bug with v0.4.9

Wake device.
Click and hold laser/power button, 5 to 15 seconds, Release.
Without clicking any buttons, pull tape out to wake device.
Attempt to turn laser on.

You’re greeted with WARNING SEE OTHER SCREEN FOR DETAILS on top screen and the Low Battery warning on the eink asking you to charge battery to use laser.

After dismissing. You can turn the laser on.

Battery indicator on T1 shows 3/4 bars.
Rock app shows 76% battery

The video below shows the error and turning the laser on after dismissing the message.

Ill try to record the whole process. From start to finish.

Edit: i was able to reproduce it twice on video. Seems if you just let it sleep for a few minutes, pull tape out, turn on laser you get that false low battery message

Thanks for point out and good find! Seems like this hits some kind of edge case behavior. I will pass along to our engineering team so we can explore further! :eyes:

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