Non cloud based version

I work indoors with no internet services/wifi/cell signal. Until there is a version of the app that allows me to take photos, annotate, and drop measurements, this app and tape measure are garbage.

I would gladly settle for a version that synced when i get service and stored locally until that point, but having to go outside every time i switch areas is a waste.

Make this a priority please. Until then, i feel like i wasted my money.

Hey Tony, appreciate the feedback and will be sure to pass along to our product team. We are always working on improving the ROCK App and certainly looking to expand ways that it can be leveraged in a local, non internet, connected environment as well.

Yeah, if it is cloud based, I have no use for it. Most of my work is where we don’t yet have commercial power, let alone internet.

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Thanks for the input! What kind of work do you do now?

I detail exhaust systems for a major computer chip maker. My work involves routing large and small exhaust ducts through existing utilities in several chip factories, so the ability to photo my area and snap and drop measurements is awesome, but they have a strict data transmission policy inside their facilities, so anything cloud based is DOA.

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