Acegmet DTX10 3 in 1 Digital Tape Measure REEKON Rip Off?

Was browsing kickstarter and came across this tool

Pretty similar looking. What’s interesting to me is that these two digital tapes have such a similar shape. I wouldn’t think with the feature-set that near-twin tapes would be inevitable.? Thoughts?

Sadly this was a direct rip off of our product that took many of our design/features, and just copied it. It’s owned by a China based company Mileseey who has a history of taking other’s designs.

It’s in violation of several of our design patents, trademarks, and utility patents so we are considering how best to proceed.

Regardless of this, or any other similar product, REEKON will always focus on making the best products we can and continuing to innovate in the construction space. It will be clear when holding a T1 in your hand the differences and attention to detail between the two devices and we are confident in the performance of the T1!


Mileseey also has a history of not delivering on Kickstarter

I’m definitely looking forward to getting my hands on my new tape! Sucks to hear that is the way of things; having all that hard work swiped. :confused: A toast… May their tapes not retract and the laser only display readings in Cubits!

Thank you for your thoughts and comments, all. :slight_smile:


You should ready their comments as they keep dogging REEKON and stating your project is stuck -

We’ll let the T1 speak for itself :wink:

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The comments from Acegmet are concerning. So, what is the situation with calibration. As importantly, can you address their claim that Reekon is in bankruptcy?

Nothing to address, just trolling from Mileseey/Acegmet. We post daily videos on all of our social media highlighting the T1 in action and no issues with calibration or company health.

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Lol, did you actually read the comments? Some guys threatening and bad mouthing people who question the company in bad English. I honestly can’t believe anyone kept their pledge after reading through that. Reekon has actually delivered in the past, unlike this company. Not sure why anyone would believe anything said in that comment section. It was pretty funny to read though.

You need to clarify this Rock,this could cause panic among backers

Hi, as mentioned previously there are no issues, this is a China based company who copied our idea (and violated several trademarks and patents) so were are not concerned with them and are still focusing our efforts on releasing a great digital tool!

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Also, if there is anything you would like to see demonstrated or tested out on the T1 in video/live stream format, let us know and we would be more than happy to show you its exceptional performance ahead of shipping

HI all, I recently saw a Reddit post holding both the T1 Tomahawk and Acegmet DTX10 3-IN-1 Digital Tape Measure side by side. This review highlights the obvious as well as subtle differences between a professional made digital tool and a Chinese knock off.

I went through and ordered one myself which should hopefully arrive this week. There are quite a few differences between the two that I can tell including:

  • Inaccuracy - the encoding strategy they use is ripe for errors
  • Theres is 16 foot vs the T1 is 25 feet
  • The Green laser line is about 1/8" wide and washed out
  • Its bigger despite being less length
  • No e-paper screen to see previous measurements
  • The laser, front reference, and back reference surface are all different (the T1 has the front and laser aligned with one another)
  • Replacement blades are advertised but not sold anywhere
  • No native app (uses a generic Chinese smart home app) and no way to upgrade firmware
  • It does have an integrated laser range finder but with 2-3mm of accuracy, it isn’t really useable * outside of estimation work.
  • No belt clip
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Piss on china !! Sorry couldn’t help it.