[Added] Can a MIN/MAX feature be added?

For example, Enter MIN mode, take several measurements and hit DONE. The T1 only records the smallest valve. Likewise in MAX mode, take several measurements and hit DONE, the T1 only records the Largest measurement.

This would save a bit of time as I now have to take several measurements then delete the ones I don’t want.

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Hello, thanks for the suggestion. Interesting idea, what kind of applications do you do this in and what are you doing now to accomplish this?

current example would be office windows, just a pane of glass between the office and hallway. With multiple windows and inconsistencies in framing I have to measure several points as well as several frames to ensure I get the narrowest point so I can order all the glass the same size and ensure it fits on any opening. with my very short - short term memory I have to write them all down as I will forget my top measurement by the time I get to the bottom lol. With a MIN/MAX feature I can take all my measurements on all the openings and only save the smallest one.

Another example would be when I re-surface decking. I have seen some decks be off as much as 2 inches from one end to the other or bow out/in at it’s center point. I could measure end point - midpoint - opposite end point and record the MAX length for deck boards.

Something like this might seem trivial but I think one of the main strong points of a tape measure like the T1 would be less need for a pad of paper and pencil. I understand I could just record all the points and then delete the ones I don’t want, but in cases like the office windows, that is a lot of deleting.

Thanks for the overview on this for your application!

Have you started using the ROCK Jobsite App in conjunction with the T1? If so I would be curious to hear your thoughts on a feature like this living there (vs on the T1) as it would be a lot quicker and likely easier to match up a group of measurements to a specific window or dimension? There you would be able to group measurements on the T1 and have the min/max pulled in the app.

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Yes that would be fine also.

This would be a feature I would be interested in as well. Measuring for blinds/shutters you need to measure in three places and use the smallest measurements. Especially for an inside mount. This would make it quick and easy to record the smallest width and keep it moving.

Lets add “average” while your at it. :wink:
I was just in a situation taking multiple inside measurements that all varied by 3/16", that’s not a lot in the grand scale but I had a thought, it would be handy to just average all these measurement’s. I think a MIN/MAX/AVG would be very handy.

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@YellowJacket working on this feature for the ROCK Jobsite App for release in February! Take a look below at the preview shot but this would be accessible for any Group in and Area. It will display the four numbers based on the individual measurements in the group and a “formula rule” could be added as well (i.e. add 3 1/2" to all measurements created) as an option too.

Let me know what you think and if this matched what you think would be useful for your workflow.


Looks great. Are all the measurements the same because you only included 1 measurement?

yes! just a mockup but will work as expected when live. working to get this into next months update

Added formulas is a nice feature to, looking foreword to it, thanks!

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App published today with Area analytics ready to go (1.0.41)! Easily see for a group of measurements the minimum, maximum, average, and total length. Also, apply formulas to batches of measurements as well.

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Love this new feature btw.

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