REEKON to the rescue!

Proud owner of the M1 measuring device and early backer of the T1. I tell ya, the M1 came in really handy building this pool house for a client. I designed it in Chief Architect and spat out build plans with a cut list.
I took a chance and used the M1 to exclusively handle measurement duties for all the framing members and it was PERFECT!

I wish I had the T1 to handle some the manual measurement duties, bending a tape measure is no fun when you need accuracy.


The new tapes got me so excited i may quit my QC job and go back to form carpentry

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Looks sharp! The T1 along with the ROCK app and the M1 work very well projects like this to help organize longer cut lists and make sure you’re never running back to check in on measurements!

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I have made mobile phone holder (3D printed) for my compound saw so I’m looking forward to trying out the combo to send measurements to the phone.
BTW, I saw the screenshots of the app, does it support pen input? I have Samsung S22 Ultra

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Nice, would be great to see pictures when it is ready. I think a pen would work for selecting items and using the photo annotation drawing tools but you can check too and let us know if anything missing that would be useful!


Looking forward to testing the app, I’lll let you know if the pen input needs anything