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OK, I’m going to put this here, though it might not be of interest.

The app itself is a great utility and packs a plethora of features, but, for my own needs, I don’t need the multiple functions and a fancy user interface. I’m registered fully blind and use an iphone and ipad as well as a mac, when this T1 finally arrives, I want it to perform just what I need it for, accessible, spoken measurements and text export to any app I’m using.

If you look at tools like bluetooth digital calipers and micrometers, they push text data out like it’s a keyboard, so when you’re in an edit field of an app, say CAD/CAM or notes, etc, those measurements are pasted live on a button press. This is what I would need from the app.

Considering the recent announcement that a future release will have a live mode, Accessibility is a vital part of this for me, so I need the app to speak out live measurements either with VoiceOver or using a system speech function which can be embedded to the app for android and iOS apps using the OS’s core speech engine, etc.

if this couldn’t be done, either could you look in to allowing users to fully tailor the user interface to suit needs, such as basic functions needed, etc, or produce a mini version of the app with just live mode and text export?

One thing we could do with, connecting via bluetooth to a mac or PC laptop / desktop and sending the text data live to any app with text / data entry.

Could we research / develop this? if so you have me at your disposal.


Yes !! I hope i can use the tape sometime b4 i actually finish thus job, i will be on for a few more weeks . I ordered this tape well over a year ago. I keep hearing and saying on a container or certain orders had been delivered. Getting frustrated sorry for the rant. Then ppl who ordered after gad got theirs.

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yeah, know the feeling on that one. ordered mine late august / early september. I didn’t feel comfortable for a while about ordering this because I hadn’t experience dealing with indigogo, but in the end, after trying to find replacement accessible measurement equipment and getting nowhere, I got in touch to discuss my needs and took a rather heavy risk. I can only hope my unit arrives and soon. From what I’ve heard, there’s problems with access to certain sea ways with cargo ships, so there’s delays, god knows why, but I’m worried that if this doesn’t turn up, I’ve lost money given to me through charitable support to purchase this as well as the M1. My original measurement gear I owned from new, it was stolen with the computer and over £30,000 of tools and equipment from my workshop leaving me completely out of action. so this T1 needs to be a huge part of my work, both in the workshop and at timber yards, etc.

Hello Lew, we are looking to add a keyboard emulator mode to allow T1 to share measurements as a connected keyboard. Should be ready sometime early to mid next year

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using the T1 with a virtual keyboard output would be a huge help, but let’s be straight here… Yes, the jobsite app may well be a great app, but my testing experience with VoiceOVer leaves me feeling the app doesn’t fit my needs at all, it’s too bulky for what I need of it. so could we create a rock Live View app which allows a user to see measurements, log measurements and export measurements? It doesn’t need fancy features, just make the User Interface straight forward and clean, so the main view is the measurement display which can be spoken either by VoiceOVer or if someone just wanted that bit of extra help, then use the system speech server API so that a measurement can be spoken out. give the user the option to export the measurement there and then, etc. I just find that in all honesty, the Rock Jobsite app really doesn’t fit my workflow at all. when the tape finally arrives, which may be february onwards which really is now getting beyond my scope of patience, I need it to work in a certain manner. the jobsite app is great if you’re sharing measurements, communicating, etc. I don’t do that because this tool is for my workkshop as well as on site, timber yards, etc but would only be connected to my phone or ipad as an assistive technology interface.

In all honesty, I’ve been fighting a battle for accessible measurement and diagnostic tools for years, yet the sighted community just don’t get it at all, until sight impairment or sight loss gets them, then it hits too hard and too late.