Minimalist version of rock app just for live view and measurement export

OK, what if you’re not sending data to god knows how many employees on a site, you’re just a joiner or cabinet maker working for yourself, in a workshop with no internet access because the workshop is like a cage, the current rock jobsite app has too much going on.

I’m registered blind, a cabinet maker / joiner and producing work by feel, the current jobsite app with VoiceOver in iOS is so clunky that it’s easy to get lost in the app, certain fields don’t interact well with VoiceOver and there’s a lot of functions I really don’t use nor need.

The T1 (if it arrives with me), needs to become a fully accessible digital tape, so measurements are spoken out by my iphone / ipad, or if ever possible, a desktop mac. So my problem with this is as follows and I’ve said it before but it feels that the jobsite app is being heavily over built, the GUI for navigation purposes is so heavy that trying to navigate sections of the app is tiresome and at points virtually impossible without VoiceOVer developer tools mode

So, what I’d like reekon to achieve is a minimalist version of this app. There’s other developers who have created custom measurement apps for certain laser tools and other kit, where you have the exact data pushed to the phone or tablet and it’s accessible, without navigating several pages, custom elements, etc. so please could we develop what I’d call Rock “Live View” app which is a 2 page app, page 1 is a constantly updatable page with text from the tape as live measurement that voiceover can see as a field and speak it. a function on that page to send that data out to other apps or a copy and paste function. page 2 would be device settings, etc. There is NO need for it to be connected to the internet at all. page 2 would include tools like firmware update, calibration and device settings.

Some customers would appreciate this rather than a heavily bulked user interface.

I’ll give an example… I’m navigating the jobsite app from page 1, all I want is the measurements I need, instead I’m navigating fields of data not even important to me. If I’m in another page to grab certain measurement functions, I’m swamped with tons of features I don’t need, because the tools I use are on my iphone / ipad or mac for calculation and modelling duties.

All I’m asking for and I think other users would see a benefit in this, is just a Live View basic app.


1: if you’re working in a confined area and can’t see the display, your smartphone is connected to the T1 and you can use the smartphone as a live view without clutter.
2: Accessibility for those with visual impairment or sight loss, compliance with accessibility tools to the OS in question. Also if data can be sent out as virtual keyboard from the tape itself, data can appear in any text based app or app where a live text field is available.
3: An app that’s light weight, easy and faster to navigate, could link with the jobsite app if needed, but it’s primary function is live updated measurements and basic resources to manage the device.

I hope you can understand where I’m coming from. I need this tape to perform particular functions that assist me as someone with no sight. I don’t need 103 different functions and page after page of tools and functions I don’t need or can’t be used due to the nature of VoiceOVer.



Thanks Lew, always appreciate suggestions as we have an extensive roadmap in front of us to develop new features and functionality to serve all of our customers!

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sounds like what he is asking for could just be a setting you select in the app.
This way you don’t need a new app or a bunch of code changes. just a setting that select that says
something like, " show live messurement only"

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If you were blind folded and shown how to navigate a speaking smartphone or tablet, you’d see why the user interface is clunky and over bulked, ergo my suggestion for a 2nd app which is just for live measurements and data export, unless the firmware for the tape in question could be built with an external keyboard emulator as found on bluetooth calipers, etc. that way text data can be entered to a receiving text application like notes or any CAD / drafting app.

My fingers are my eyes, my ears are my eyes, but my eyes are not, just useless orbs in my head.

lew :slight_smile:

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I would like this as well. Just a cut list for small projects without creating a new project for each time I want to have some measurements.

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