Accessibility for iOS and sight impairment

Hi folks. Well like many of you looking forward to receiving your T1, I am.

I am registered blind, a cabinet maker from the UK, I rely on assistive technologies to make my life as near equal to my sighted friends and colleagues, where tools like the mac, iphone, ipad all with VoiceOver built in, become my digital eyes to the world around me in varous cases.

I took the plunge regarding the T1 in the hope that due to the Rock Jobsite App, I would have spoken measurements for various needs, whether on site, timber yards or in the workshop, Today gave me that first glimpse in to how well the app behaves in iOS with VoiceOver running and I’m pleased so far, although I can’t natively test full behaviour until my T1 arrives, whenever that will be.

It will be interesting to find out how easy this would be to use and how it will change my life for the better?


HI Lew, very excited to hear that and appreciate your feedback so far. Please stay in touch as you explore the app more and when you receive your T1 (as the T1 should automate the importing of measurements but still can try out the functionality by manually creating measurements in the meantime)!