Virtual keyboard mode to T1 firmware please. critical requirement

well, now I am about to receive the T1, due this friday here in the UK, phew, a long time coming… I need a particular firmware feature for the T1 for the workshop setup and while on site. Virtual keyboard interface mode to T1 firmware to interface with any desktop / smartphone such as my ipad / iphone, so that rather than using the jobsite app for measurement export, text can be exported live to any app accepting text as data entry to live fields, such as apple notes, any CAD software I’m working with, etc.

I’m sorry, continual testing of the jobsite app with VoiceOVer just leaves me struggling more and more because the UI is bulky, cluttered and unworkable in about 60% of the scenarios I need.

I don’t need all the fancy tools in the jobsite app at all, I just need a way for my speaking mac and iphone or ipad to announce measurement data as it comes in, this is to replace over £5000 of stolen and also destroyed measurement system from some years back which I can’t replace. my previous accessible measurement rig was based on an older intel mac running TurboCAD, a data interface box converting 6 RS232 interfaces to USB with data out to software, so as an example. I had slide scales connected to a radial arm saw, table saw, a number of digital calipers and a micrometer, with some bloomin long rs232 cables, each tool had a data out button and those measurements were logged but also spoken out. Those tools with the computer were stolen as part of my workshop which was broken in to and well over £30,000 of tools stolen, equipment destroyed beyond financial repair, etc. the scales on the table saw and radial arm saw were so badly damaged they were basically scrap., so, as you can understand, as a blind person, this T1 means more than you can imagine.

could we look at building virtual keyboard output support in to the firmware so that customers who need live data out can use this without the need of the app? I realise the app is part of your business roadmap, but the jobsite app doesn’t work for customers with sight impairment / sight loss.


Hi Lew, keyboard emulation is a feature we are exploring for a future release