T1 Tomahawk Keyboard Emulation - HID Keyboard

Hello all! We are excited to share that Keyboard Emulation is now available for testing on the T1 Tomahawk! Keyboard Emulation allows the T1 to appear as a HID keyboard and connect directly to any bluetooth enabled device. When the save button is selected on the T1 Tomahawk, measurements are sent over in the units displayed on the screen along with the enter key to advance to the next field.

You can sign up to try out the feature here - https://forms.gle/tr7HQ6LVHrNNGUpu7

Learn more about the feature here - https://support.reekon.tools/hc/en-us/articles/20026126134292-T1-Tomahawk-Emulating-an-HID-Keyboard-Over-Bluetooth


Hi Derrick, I would love to test the function!

Awesome, sign up at the link above and well be sharing the update in about a week!

submitted request. Please can you add me in to this as it’s a feature I asked for as a critical addition. This tape has to be my eyes for digital measurement, so it can interface with spoken equipment like my mac, iphone / ipad with other assistive technologies and tools / software for design and data management of measurement.