Beta Testing New T1 Firmware

Hello All! We are looking for beta testers for the new T1 Firmware version. There are lots of improvements with this version including new features and bug fixes.

Sign up with the following link and more details will be shared next week -

  • (New Feature) Groups - organize measurements into Groups on the T1 E paper display to further enhance organization
  • (New Feature) Layout guide - select measurement from e-paper display and have laser turn on at measurement and multiples of the measurement
  • (Bug Fix) Power Saving Operations
  • (Bug Fix) Power button turns unit off, not put to sleep
  • General Stability and data handling improvement

Beta Firmware for the T1 (0.5.2) will be released tomorrow to those who have filled out the above form several weeks ahead of its general release! Make sure to update your ROCK App to version 1.0.33 which will be available starting on Tuesday. Upon connecting to the T1, you will notice a new version of the firmware can be installed. This Beta release includes:

  • Overall Firmware updating robustness
  • Layout Guide
  • Groups
  • Power saving modes
  • Holding power button completely turns off tool
  • Live view of T1 display in the App

Please send all feedback here, on this thread, and not through the in app submission form. We are working on documenting all the new features which will be published in the coming weeks. Thanks!


Hopefully I will be part of this.

Hey Josh, as long as you signed up then yes!

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Hi All, new beta firmware (0.5.2) has been released. Please give it a try and let us know here how it works!

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It updated with no issues. I need todo some research on the groups. The Group 1 has a lock symbol next to it. Not sure if it is supposed to be there or not. Also as of right now Live View is not working so I am re installing the Beta Firmware now…After a re install the Live View is still not an option for me!

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Hey Josh, the lock symbol is there as group 1 cant be deleted. Groups are a great way to organize measurements together (if your measuring many windows, many different openings, etc) as a way to cluster measurements together that relate to the same unit.

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So far the layout guide works flawless and very helpful for what I do. I install custom blinds and draperies. I used the the layout guide to space the brackets out according to the manufacturer. Made quick work.
I still do not have a live view feature in the app. iPhone 13 Pro Max, Running the newest iOS and the rock app is updated.

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Hey Josh, glad to hear it! Live view is disabled on the app side now but will likely enable for the release next week!

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Sounds good. Thank you

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So I have noticed that the oled screen is displaying one measurement and when I click the save button the e paper display and app are the same measurement but different than the oled display. I am using the inch 1/16.

Hey Josh, could you share a picture of what is being displayed across all three screens or a video. Usually this is a result of being in a different display tolerance mode but would like to see to ensure its not a bug

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When I can duplicate it I will get the requested information. Of course it isnt doing it now!

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Hey Josh, the difference your seeing is the tolerancing setting - you are in 1/16" mode on your T1 and in 1/32" mode the ROCK App (you can update in settings page to 1/16" and 1/32" for now).

You can change either to match one another depending on which units you want

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Well don’t I feel dumb for that one! Thank you!!

How long after the application will I know if I’m selected for the layout guide update?

everyone who applied to the above form has had the new firmware enabled on their account!