T1 Firmware update issue


Trying to update the firmware on my new T1 and it keeps erroring. “Could not fetch firmware file”. I have restarted my phone and the T1 several times as suggested and still getting the same issue. Sent and email to support last week and nothing back yet. Any help?


Hey please email contact@reekon.tools with your phone operating system and app version listed and we would be happy to help. We answer all tickets within 24 hours on business days so please check your spam as well!

Having the exact same issue

Hello, please make sure you are on the latest version of the ROCK Jobsite app - if you are still having issues please email us at contact@reekon.tools

I downloaded the new firmware. And now it won’t read my tape measure I can do all the measurements up to 10 in and then it just says cannot calibrate. And it sends me back to the beginning

Never mind I tried it again and it worked this time I guess 7th time is the charm.

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