Beta Version - T1 Firmware Release Now Available for Testing

Hello all, we have now released the next pre release beta version of the T1 Tomahawk Firmware (0.5.13) for testing. Anyone who signed up on beta sign up list will see this firmware update available on the T1 connection page. This release is slated to go out to production (all users) in a few weeks and includes:

  • (New Feature) Groups - organize measurements into Groups on the T1 E paper display to further enhance organization
  • (New Feature) Layout guide - select measurement from e-paper display and have laser turn on at measurement and multiples of the measurement
  • (Bug Fix) Power Saving Operations
  • (Bug Fix) Power button turns unit off, not put to sleep
  • General Stability and data handling improvement

Please make sure you have the latest version of the ROCK Jobsite App installed (1.0.51) before updating!


Loving the layout tool, made spacing draw supports for a large cabinet really easy


Love to see it, thanks for sharing @KineticTomkat !

Thank you for this firmware update. Loving the layout guide function, and the power off actually works. Didn’t need to re calibrate after this new firmware update as well. Appreciate you guys. :saluting_face:

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Having an issue updating. Enter the Rock app and connect my T1 and it says I’m using the latest firmware at 0.4.9 with no update option. My app version is 1.0.51. I’ve also signed up for the beta test option and haven’t seen anything happen with that either.

send me a DM of your email (ensure it is the same used for the ROCK App) and I can check top see if it is on the list

glad to hear it as we got quite a few features and improvements in this version, please let us know as you explore it more for any other feedback as well!

I’ve applied to the beta a couple of times and I’m still showing 0.4.9 as up to date and haven’t seen any email with how to update (like a file or process) beyond the announcements of new beta features emails. Is there anything I need to do to get in?

The rock ap shows a version of 1.1.3 vs what you posted. The T1 firmware shows the beta version 0.5.13.
I noticed that the battery charging does not indicate full; I left it charging for almost a day.
When you plug in the charger, the battery % goes to 100. If you disconnect the charger, it still shows 100% until you close the rock ap and turn off the T1. On restart the battery in my case now shows 94%.

When plugging in the charger; whether the T1 is on or off; both screens show charging battery. I think I remember in previous firmware, if off, it just charged without turning on the screens. I am guessing the new behavior is how it will work?

I have used the inside measurement, center, and now the layout. I need a slower steady hand to set the layout amount since the T1 is so accurate. :slight_smile:


Glad to hear it Chuck! The numbering scheme for the ROCK App and the T1 are separate but both are the latest versions as of this post.

The battery indication is only accurate within 10% so this is also correct!

From the “always the last to know” department

LIVE VIEW is up and running!
App version 1.1.3 and firmware version 0.5.13

Thanks for finally getting LIVE VIEW operational!!!

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Lots of great features!