T1 Firmware Update

Just received my T1 yesterday. I have not played around with the app enough for any detailed feedback yet. At first brush I notice red “Need to update” under TOOLS → TOMAHAWK.

I’m assuming when it’s all said and done I click the red button and the tool firmware will update automatically. Just posting to confirm.

  • Malachi

Hello, yes, when ready select the red banner to upgrade your firmware to the latest version and it will walk through and automatically update over bluetooth!

Just to clarify:

I should not be able to upgrade right now. Correct ?Selecting the banner currently does nothing.

OnePlus 8t Android 13.1
Rock Beta 0.3.25
T1: 0.?.? But the banner says “0.4.7 Need to Update”

What happens when you select by pressing the red banner as this should take you to the firmware confirmation update page?

Just discovered. Updating Works as it should on the standard app. On the beta app nothing happens when tapping the banner.

Updated T1 0.4.7 - > 0.4.9

After calibration I cannot get the tape to retract further than 1/8" I’m sure I didn’t align the marks properly. That being said: the instructions should be a little more clear on this process. I didn’t feel very confident while going through that process that the tape was as hyper-accurate as before the update.

And it seems the only way to recalibrate is to reinstall the firmware again. Is that correct?

On the second calibration I’m back to 0. Seems like the issue could be pushing in the tape all the way 10"-> 0" on the first step. Need to push on the hook, not the magnet. The software assumes the tape is sticking out 1/16" then my second mistake is lining up the marks with the plastic rather than the laser. Accounting for the other 1/16" discrepancy.

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Glad to hear it! Blade Setup can be accessed by holding the “units” button for 10 seconds but only needs to be repeated once as it doesnt change over time (unless the blade is completely replaced)

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