Problem after firmware update

I have just received my Tomahawk. Very cool piece of hardware!

Upon connecting to the Rock app, I was prompted to update the firmware to version 0.4.9. I did so and then the device went into “blade config” mode. It prompted me to select the blade type. I don’t know what type that should be but “B” was already selected so I left that and continued. It then asked for English or Metric and I left it at English. Now, it is saying 1. Pull tape out to 10 inches. 2. Slowly retract blade to zero. Click + to continue. I have done all this but the device is frozen. ON the top screen, I have the message “Move Tape”.

I took out the battery and that seemed to reset, but upon starting, it goes to the Blade Setup again and same thing happens.

Ditto. Frustrating to not find any solutions in the Support page.

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Will Hurd - charged the battery, then pulled it out and put it back in place. Blade setup started and went all the way through.

Hey Brian, this is likely a Blade A you have. Select that and you should be able to complete the process (we are working on updating out support page as well)!

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If you look on the tape I think you will see something like “Blade-E2725-A” @ 5 1/2” mark (what mine says). I’m assuming this indicates what blade model you have as some pictures on the web or kickstarter page show “Blade-xxxx-B” …

Sorry again everyone, we updated website here -

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I have the exact same issue and after charging the battery, pulling it out and restarting multiple times it keeps throwing an error message.

Mine is model A tape and I have been doing it on the model A setup as well

Hey Holden, we have an app update that should be released tomorrow to fix this (to allow firmware reinstalling)

Tuns out mine is Model A. Once I selected that, the process went through to the end.

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hey Holden, the update has been released in the ROCK App (1.0.16) which will allow you to re-install the T1 firmware which should fix the above issue!

I received my tomahawk this morning. Installed the Rock app and the app showed me my device was on 0.4.5 and that 0.4.9 was the latest. I have upgraded multiple times but the tool is bricked, currently. I have received Error 65, Error 64 and Error 81. At no point do I get to where it requests me to recalibrate. The troubleshooting error code table link only shows contacting support as does the resetting to factory default (0.4.5 for me). Can you please post some suggestions? Many thanks

Now I get an error before the firmware downloads: ‘Could not fetch firmware file’. Receiving this in the Rock App when I tap the button to reinstall. Just trying to paint the complete picture. Thank you!

Once more, with feeling, lol! After I got the last error in the Rock app, I closed and opened the application on my phone. Chose option for loading firmware and it took. Selected my blade version and did the 10", 1-4" and 276" to calibrate and it is measuring and saving stuff fine now. Rock app is showing the firmware is now 4.9. Very excited to start playing with this! Thanks!!

Nice! Glad to hear it. Sometimes restarting fixes issues! Let us know if anything else we can help with

Just received mine today, I played around with it for a few minutes and decided to updated the firmware. I get a message at the top that says Firmware upgrade failed. Could not find magnetic runout data for this device. towards the bottom of the app it says Update failed. Please try again. Failed to update…then finish. On the device itself, it says Error 1 on the LCD screen and on the e-Ink says update required Connect to app to update firmware with a QR Code

disregard, but leaving it up just incase someone else runs into the same problem. After updating the app on the phone it updated just fine. So make sure you are running the latest update before doing a firmware upgrade!

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Thanks Jorge, yes this is always an issue of upgrading the app which removes the error!

I just received mine. I’m having the same problem after firmware update. Getting Error 64 or Error 65. I’ve tried reinstalling but I just keep getting the error. Running the iOS version of the app.

Hey Doug, these are both install errors. Please try removing battery and restarting phone to get running. If still running into issues, shoot us an email at and we will figure out!