Tape not registering with screen

My tomahawk T1just started doing this in the last few days. Take measurements put the T1 on workbench come back to it a few minutes later pull the tape out it counts up to three or so many inches and then goes to zero the more I pull it out stays on zero. Retract a tape back in. Pull it back out, the most it will do was 3 inches. My workaround was to take battery out. Put it back in solve the problem. It’s doing it more frequently now.

Hello Joe, have you updated the firmware since receiving as this issue is fixed i the new version - https://support.reekon.tools/hc/en-us/articles/16076772301972-Updating-T1-Tomahawk-Firmware-

When I receive the unit, I did a firmware update weeks ago to 0.4.9

Hey, please take a video along with your serial name and send it to us at contact@reekon.tools and we can figure out what’s going on!

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It just did it again today I sent up a video as requested in my serial name and number along with it. Thank you.

I sent the video to contact@reekon.tools