Beta Testing New T1 Firmware

Not everyone, I applied and I can’t access the new firmware beta update. Only see 4.9 version.

When I hold the power button my t1 goes into sleep mode. The battery bars on the paper screen don’t go away like it did on the .4.9 firmware. That’s how I used to be able to tell if my t1 was completely off. Holding the power button only does sleep mode. I’m on the 5.2 beta firmware. Let me know if I’m doing something wrong. Cause I don’t want to have any battery draining issues from it remaining in sleep mode.

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Hello, on 0.5.2, holding the power button turns the T1 completely off. You can tell that when you turn it back on, the REEKON loading screen appears


Is there a way to put the T1 to sleep without it turning off completely? I don’t want it to stay on when I’m not using it, but there are times I’d like to be able to put it into a low-power state to save battery without having to wait for it to fully boot up with the REEKON loading screen when I go to use it again.

The T1 will go into sleep mode after 5 minutes automatically and will stay there for 3 hours where any movement of the tape measure will trigger a wakeup

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Hey I sent a private message to let you know I signed up but I still haven’t been given a invitation for the beta for not only the rock app but the t1 beta firmware.

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hi Ace, as this is an older post, we add new users much less frequently to the program. We will reach out once we add new users, thanks

Hello, can we still participate in the T1 firmware test?

Hello from the wet coast. I’ve signed up using the form and I’m one of those happy-to-test sorts of people. How can I be included in the beta? (I saw that the Beta Rock Tool app saw an update for my T1 but the released app didn’t yet). Thanks very much!

Sorry @therock - Just saw your recent post to Ace after I posted. #Gottabepatient :+1:

I applied for the beta testing few weeks ago an I never received anything.

Tried signing up 3 times thus far.
I have thr battery dying bug, and the error 64 with recalibrate tape issues.
Hoping to try the new firmware and see if it fixes things.

have registered yesterday, so only just knew about this a couple of days ago. Finally received replacement t1 after original shipped unit was destroyed by fedex driver. I’m grateful to Reekon for helping fix this issue although it took some time. New unit arrived, happy with it and getting used to it. it took some sighted help to get it calibrated twice, but it’s running fine now. question is, now testing any beta firmware to support accessibility development as a priority.