Layout guide missing

Hello just got my T1 scrolling into the menu I don’t see the layout guide

Hello, this is a feature we are working on launching shortly. If you would be interested in Beta Testing it, you can sign up here - Beta Testing New T1 Firmware - #12 by Chkultr

Great looking forward to the update.

I would love to test out this feature.


sign up on the above form and the beta update will be pushed to your ROCK App account!

Can I be apart of this beta testing please?

Also the target selector option in the quick action menu. I don’t have that or the layout guide. Would be nice to try it out please :pray:t5:

Yes, sign up at the link above! Target select has been combined with layout guide as they both work the same way (blink when gets close to measurement)

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I filled out the beta application, hopefully I get approved and get the layout guide in the next update :pray:t5:

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I filled out the application, as an industrial electrician with over 10k hours documented in commercial and residential I’m currently on the automation side of things, controls and programming/troubleshooting. I do side jobs often and I’m sure I’d be a asset in giving professional feedback on the T1 and the rock app. Let me know if I make the cut please, and thanks for your time :saluting_face:

Sounds great, would love to hear your feedback on the T1 as well as what you would like to see in the app!