1.1.3 Major ROCK Jobsite App Update - Simplification of Navigation/Core Functions

Hello all! Over the past few months, we have been hard at work on the ROCK Jobsite making it a better and more streamlined experience based on feedback from our community. We struck a careful balance of keeping the core functionality in the app while simplifying the overall experience. This represents a major change in the app layout while enhancing almost every aspect of functionality.

Below we have outlined some of the highlights available on Thursday, May 2nd in the 1.1.1 release of the ROCK Jobsite App.

We look forward to hearing feedback and suggestions on the app as well!

  • Eliminated location selection when going into a calculator or a utility
  • Reorganized navigation page on a side bar
  • Simplification of navigation and connectivity to T1 Tomahawk (Removed Spaces, Moved project organizations to side drawer navigation)
  • Spaces removed but no data lost, all Areas moved under same Project
  • Removed save location picker page to default to open Area
  • One click navigation and access to most major functions
  • Added customizable Shortcuts page
  • Utility Navigation streamlined
  • Custom calculators added for all users including CSV export

very close to a usable app but stil defective in accessibility.

1: a large number of objects are unidentified and announce with voiceover as “unpronounceable”, this is anything from top left and right menu pulldowns, certain tabs / buttons, etc.
2: When we finally get to see “live view”, I’d suggest this to be the first tab that opens on startup / is initial page.
3: having to create projects where adding objects to then assign measurement inputs is long winded, why not give a tab view that just live lists measurements received from the tape when triggered? in some cases that’s a useful function and for me is a function needed.


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I’m experiencing the following missing update button for t1 update on the 2 page also none of the calculators are not responding.

Hi Said, please email us at contact@reekon.tools with the following and we would be happy to help:

  1. Screenshot of what you are seeing
  2. Which version of the app you are running
  3. What is your phone model and what operating system version is it running