ROCK Jobsite App Available Now!

Hello everyone! After a longer than anticipated approval process, the ROCK Jobsite App is now available for free on both the Apple iOS App Store and Android Play Store in more than 175 countries across the globe!

You can download on your respective device using the link here

The ROCK App is a remarkably useful tool that we will continue to build out to be an essential everyday tool for your jobsite. Below we have outlined some of the key features:

Create measurements lists, organize by project, and labels. See when measurements were created, completed, by who, and where. Manually create measurements in any english or metric units or import automatically from connected REEKON Tools. Measurements can be organized and used as part of calculations in a wide range on construction utilities.

Take photos, sketch over, and drag and drop measurements anywhere on canvas. Easy to mark up and draw shapes and notes.

Construction calculators for every trade, updated monthly. Use captured measurements to fill in inputs overlayed on intuitive graphic displays. Trades and types of calculators range from areas, volumes, stairs, roofs, electrical, HVAC, sheet metal, plumbing, framing, finish carpentry, hardscaping, landscaping, concrete, material estimation, and more.

Create templates for structured inputs, custom calculations, and diagrams. Templates can be shared with anyone to ensure data is collected in a structured and defined manner. Make multiple tabs to correlate with multiple different instances of using a template for later review

Convert a variety of units easily and quickly including lengths, areas, volumes, mass, temperature, force, pressure, angles, energy, time, and more. Save outputs to review later.

Perform math operations in fractional format and easily use existing measurements as part of calculations. Easily switch between fractional entry, normal entry, and existing measurements. See entire strings of numbers to view the entire equation at once and save output as new measurement.

Whether you are taking a picture, making a note, organizing documents, or saving a calculation, objects make it easy to access and reference with anyone. Organize by location.

Organize your measurements and objects into Projects, Spaces, and Areas to match the physical layout of your jobsite.

Seamless integrates with REEKON hardware products including the T1 Tomahawk Digital Tape Measure for capturing measurements and P1L Tagger Construction printer to print out QR code enabled labels. Several third party laser range finders and other measuring devices are being added actively as well.

Automatically generate text and QR code labels for measurements, locations, issues, notes, and other objects for printing. Custom utility allows labels and QR codes to be made for any web URL.

Share all data and collaborate in real time between other mobile devices and tablets. Real time measurement sharing allows for measurements to be captured on one side of the jobsite while being cut on the other side.

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Thank you have a good day

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This is South Korea. I can’t find Rock Tool in App Store in Korea. Download links received via email will only be reconnected to the same page. Is there any solution or similar error reports?

Thanks for reaching out! It seems due to recent South Korea legislation that we need to go through a few different processes to publish in South Korea. I will work with the team to see how we can accomplish this but might be a week or two.

As long as it’s resolved, time doesn’t matter. Thank you for your reply.