Grab measurements from T1?

Maybe I am missing something, I took a bunch of measurements and then opened the app. I assumed I could access my measurements from the app and import them from the T1.

Is there a way to pull measurements already stored on the T1 into the ROCK app?

Hello, it should be able to do it the first time (import measurments from T1 the first time they are generated) but there is a way right now to manually pull them if not imported the first time it connects (also it requires an area to be selected first then connect to the T1)

I assume you meant to say “there isn’t a way…” ? because you really didn’t explain how to do it if there is. :wink:

There is a way, as long as the T1 has not been connected before to the app, it should pull previous measurements one time as long as an Active area has been selected. I can post a video later today if helpful as well!

I tried that several times and it just doesn’t happen, I must be missing something.

Will try to get a video later but as long as teh T1 is connected and the app doesnt close, it will import measurements even if your phone screen is in sleep mode

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Did you ever get a video? Mine didn’t bring in the measurements. I didn’t realize that I couldn’t tell the app to import the measurements manually, and wasn’t in a project/area when I took the measurements.

I guess I’ll need a video, I still can not get measurements taken without the app open to import.

I’ve tried it with the app open, then power on the T1. I have tried powering on the T1 first then open the app. I have tried the app in a new Project > Space> Area Then power on the T1

When in a New Area Details, there should be an IMPORT option along with the Angle, Measurment, Material, Calculator. That will grab the currently stored Measurment’s on the T1

This is a feature we are working on!