App and T1 Feedback

Here’s some initial app feedback from me, interested to see if other folks agree/disagree?

iPhone App – iPhone

• Hard to manipulate scale of project photos (aspect ratios) – to achieve desired photo –
e.g., looking to enhance Amazon product and wanted to take photo of Amazon photo
(with measurements) – could not get aspect ratio to function properly or not cut off

• Jumping from project A → B difficult, — I eagerly wanted to record measurements but could not get fully through the QSG, just wanted to measure items and see interplay (transfer) to phone – could measurements be exportable (e.g., json) for loading elsewhere? For example,
measuring and then transferring measurements to Fusion360, Solidworks,

• Visual distinction of blue projects overlaid with black background — need more visual
distinctions – I could see inside and well lit, imaging construction site or framed out
building being difficult (but I am also not the right tester)

• Font separation on e-paper with all-caps and close letter spacing is difficult to move
quickly/read quickly – being able to visually differentiate characters can be hard –
compare on left/right below

  • Is “toggle” necessary text?
  • Could text be shorter/single-line – e.g. “INSIDE / OUT” or “ABS. / REL”

• Photo icon when using (+) button (for object) auto-goes to camera rather than “Capture…
(or library) …” – synonymous w/ capture/upload, had to click cancel on camera to get to
library (only phone photos, cannot point to OneDrive, File Explorer etc.

• Cannot refine image parameters (aspect ratio of object — size & zoom)

• Auto-photo name too long to back-out, should auto-erase when clicked

• Some pages require “Save” versus auto-save (object to project attribution) – should be
louder within the app

• Buttons to capture measurement (T1 → App) to many, difficult to work amongst
computer, phone and device – auto-sync via Bluetooth?

• Default measurements on T1 could offer 1/8”

• Getting measurement on T1 to screen or e-paper to iPhone and to object or project
attribution confusing and sometimes can take too long


did u get ur t1 already? how does it any ACTUAL pictures of it??


Apologies, I sure did. Here’s some photo binders and testing videos. Note: the camera work was shotty at best:

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Adding additional experiential feedback to the extent it’s helpful for others. If folks agree or disagree, would be helpful:

See photos & videos

• E-paper A→ B+ does not shift downward ↓ when holding in hand, had to re-orient a few

• E-paper glitchy goes from black to white like old leaned on LCD (see Game Boy) and see
video examples (at rest and in motion)

• Screen shadows of prior measurements or ghosting of text

• Measurements on device do not force onto app? (may have missed this) – i.e., could
Bluetooth sync tell phone, T1 or vice versa current measurement units and mirror. Going
between T1 and App. my settings were disjointed, and I had to pause myself

• Does forgetting to release the tape in-out mechanism and lock impact the long-term
calibration of the camera reading the bottom?

• When using T1 on floor to measure door jam and using laser, the record measurement (+)
button kept getting hit when I tried to switch from imperial to mm, I was giving it extra
umph but with gloves and not wet

• Going between T1, App, and QSG (comp.) is over-stimulating and the different layouts
cause visual confusion – orientation and layout should be consistent to not tax reader. For
those of us getting older, also difficult to adjust even medically corrected eyes. Add in
outdoors plus safety glasses and a breathing apparatus, I’d be tired by 10 (AM)

• Combine printed QSG and LGS flyer? Outer box is overwhelming, see unboxing photos

• Is tape measure tip neodymium magnet? If so, N52 – could be stronger (tested on
washer/dryer) body and metal framing – could be more magnetic and have a release
feature (if practical)?

Hey Dan, thanks for the feedback! To clarify, the points involving e-paper are very normal and how e-paper fundamentally works - you can find additional details here but the switching and occasional ghosting are inherently how e-paper operates.

To address a few of your other points:

  • the list should advance automatically if the cursor is in a blank space. if its over an existing measurement then it will insert them above
  • measurements sync 1 way to the app presently based on the Area you have open. Eventually we will enable 2 way syncing but this has a lot UX complexities to do nicely
  • No, while it is recommended to use the auto lock release it wont negatively hurt the tape blades coating
  • The tape tip is an N52 but a washing machine is thin sheet metal so wont have the best connection compared to thicker steel

Understood, thank you for the response. If there’s a future state where more magnets and two-way syncing are possible, would love to see it

For the folks who have received their T1 and downloaded the Rock Jobsite app – has anyone completed a “project” or “object” from start to finish using the App?

I undertook a small-DIY project (outdoor boot scrubber) where I am enhancing an existing Amazon product, meaning I have some measurement inputs (from Amazon site or I could physically measure with T1) and separate raw materials and space which I need to measure and cut to length. I am struggling with bringing everything together in a single “project” or “object” (e.g., integration of photos, measurements, App) to take next steps with building the item. Any recommendations for helpful guides or articles?

Hey Dan, we would be happy to assist!

To start, it sounds like youll want to create a new Project. Projects contain Spaces (square icons under project header) and Areas (where all the data is stored). Areas contain both measurements and any objects that you create (which may be photos, annotations, calculations, etc)

An Area (or multiple areas) would be the correct spot to add in your measurements along with any photo annotations you want to make as well.

Let me know if you dont mind sharing more details and happy to do more of a walk through or share a custom made demo project with you to help organize!

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I assume most people are right handed. I am as well but it almost seems like the buttons should be on the other side for 1 handed opperation. I dont have a very big hand so hitting the quickmenu button is difficult especially when im on a ladder. Or like a scrollwheel that clicks where my pointer finger sits on the opposite side of the current buttons. Also why no trigger to save measurements instead of the thumb?

Hey Jared, we tried a trigger and found it led to a lot of accidental saves because of it being in a location that users usually grip the T1 in

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