Beta Testers Wanted - New Product

Hello all,

We are looking for beta testers for a new product we are developing. We are looking for professionals who use grade lasers and laser detectors. If you would be interested, please leave a comment here with how you use them, where you are located, which one you use, and any images you have of your setup!

Thanks all!

Hi guys, We use grade and other forms of laser levelling in our automotive construction projects. If you want to consider this market, I have been designing speciality trailers for many years and we use the laser to do wheel alignment and chassis build alignment testing. We also build Chassis for classic cars like the Land Rover series and use lasers to check build alignment and help with jigs etc.

I know this is probably not your primary market but if you want to include me in your testing program we will come up with a product design for the auto market and its global and high margin.

my website is and we have a channel for our trailers and chassis.

We can’t wait to get our hands on the tape measure, we already use the M1 Cailber in our metal fabrication n shop.

Christchurch. New Zealand

I have a Johnson rotary with tripod, stick, receiver, etc. Use it alot on siding, grade work, etc. After the successful M1 review deal I’d love the opportunity to beta test something for y’all!

I work for Schneider Electric building mainly large solar structures for entire school districts on the west coast. I use laser systems to verify all aspects of the structure and checking grades of existing and completed work. I would be throughly putting your laser to work. Key points for me would be rugged case, battery life, and distance accuracy.

Hey Reekon team!

Like some others have echoed with regards to auto fab use would totally like to integrate something like that but would also be interested if there is a skid steer bucket or land grade attachment implementation that could be worked into as thank God ill be preparing a new fence as well as foundation for a new shop build.


Hey Team,

I’m a Certified Laser Safety Officer and would love to take a look at this with you. Cheers!


Not certified like @robert, but happy to test and DIY anything you want to let me test. We do a fair amount of house projects where a laser would be helpful. I assume Reekon is focused on commercial grade, but if DIYers are the intended customer, happy to participate.

Let me know.

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