Free M1 Caliber for YouTube Review Program

Hello all!

We are excited to share details on a new program we are launching here at REEKON Tools. This program gives out a limited number of free M1 Caliber Miter Saw Measuring Tools (MSRP $149.99) in return for YouTube Video reviews of using the product.

In the spirit of seeing more applications and use cases of the M1 in the field (and highlight jobsite uses and applications) we are seeking out reviews to anyone with a YouTube presence (and at least 100 subscribers). This offer only applies to YouTube videos based on them being searchable in the future by others. Being selected for this opportunity increases odds of receiving future products for testing and reviewing as well!

If interested, please fill out the form below!

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Glad this an option, hope to help circulate the level of this technology, will save time using both m1 Calibre and T1 Tomahawk

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Thanks Mike excited to begin to share these tools far and wide!

I had added M1 during backer survey sometime around March 2023,it’s already deducted from my account.I hope to received both T1 and M1 as soon as possible :sunglasses:.Couldn’t wait to hands on it

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Hey the rock, any update on the review program?

looking forward to showcasing the products in everyday use and how it can be effective on saving time.

Hey Mike, this program has been concluded for now but stay tuned as well have more opportunities early next year