Table Saw version of the M1 Caliber from Reekon

I would love a variation of the M1 Caliber which i own and love for my miter saw but that could mount to a fence of my jobsite or commercial table saw fence which would keep track of linier feet cut when cutting trim and millwork or could touch the surface of the table saw to be a large digital read out of where your fence is set.


Hey Jeff, thanks for the feedback! What kind of table saw do you use now and how do you deal with this currently?


I echo this, so would love to help develop it. I’ve used various table saws, from site and portable saws to professional cabinet saws. The way I’ve worked is either by feel or modifying a stationary saw like my old wadkin with a digital sliding scale over RS232 cable to my then shop mac, so measurements from blade to rip fence were spoken out. My current saw is a bosch GTS18V216 which I’ve tweaked a touch to get it right.

The M1 is an amazing tool, although for it to work for me, either I have to use the camera of my iphone with text detection so that text is translated and spoken out, or my orcam read.

If the M1 could be updated, maybe an M2 with bluetooth output, then data could be sent to a smart device like the T1 is doing, waiting on my t1 to arrive still, then great.

an M1 for table saws would be a joy, but the question is, how would you mount it? You’d either need to fix a hinge mount or semi locking hinge to the left side of the saw infeed so when in use it drops out of the way, or make a scanner head that fits on the fence with a cable to a m1 module, etc? there’s several ways about it but this would be an amazing tool to be released.

theoretically it could be attached to a fence, but it would be too bulky. A smaller version just made for sliding saw fences would be great - something like this: