General QOL improvements/ Feedback

Here are a few things i think would tremendously help the T1 and App.

  1. After the updates (app and/or firmware) an update log would be wonderful. Maybe I missed it during the last update, but I didn’t see one, and had to look for the new features.

  2. A way to delete areas. If there is way to do it, I haven’t found it.

  3. Space/Area creation:
    a. The generic name text should be highlighted so you can simply start typing. Right now, you have to create the area, highlight the generic name, and type. Doing this a few hundred times gets old.
    b. After creating the area or space, it would be helpful for the app to go to that space. When i create a space, i have to search for it in the list.
    c. Also, having the area / space names intuitively count up would be great. I’m making things work now but being able to label my first area unit 301 and it count up from there would be great.

  4. Round functions (round, roundup, rounddown) when recording the measurement would be awesome. I’ve tried to use the calculator, but with no luck. Example use: When cutting wire closet shelving, you always cut on whole inches. When measuring, I use a 5/8 offset for the end brackets, and tell the crew to round down. This works, but to make it dummy proof, that would be great, especially with label printing in the future,

  5. The calculator is case sensitive. I was ready to scream at the app when I realized my auto capitalization was causing the problem.

  6. Group tags aren’t able to be 1 character. Is there a reason?

  7. Being able to drag and drop measurements in and between groups. When measuring for closets, i have 3 measurements and i measure them in order so they know exactly what to cut. If i make a mistake, the only way to reorder them is to delete them all and remeasure.

I think this tool/ and app are game changers. Thanks.


Hey Ben, please see below:

  1. We usually post them here -

  2. You can delete an area -

  3. Thanks for the feedback, will pass along to product team!

  4. You can select “Tolerance” in the settings page to decide what denominator you want the units to round to (1/4" to 1/128") which will get close and will consider adding more rounding capabilities in the future

  5. which part of the calculator is case sensitive?

  6. hmm not sure, will need to look into

  7. Thanks for the feedback, will pass along to product team!

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Here is an example of the case sensitive issue.

got it, that one does need to be case sensitive as there are certain edge case conditions where there are dual meanings depending on capitalizations.

I will (at first) be using the Jobsite App in conjunction with the M1 Caliber for cut lists, I generally design framing in Fusion360 and create a cut list in Microsoft Excel. If I build the design more than once and there are over 100 + cuts for the design, imputing these objects into the app multiple times would be a pain. Some nice features would be:

The ability to import a .csv file into an area with fields for width, height, length, and end angles. Quantity would be a very useful field, in some cases, I would have a design with 100 + cuts but only 16 unique pieces. Group/Tag field would also be useful in the .csv.

Color coding different material sizes in an area.