Is everyone on this forum a beta tester?

I signed up to be a beta tester but don’t recall an invitation to download an app. The discussion is interesting, but empty without the app. Thanks

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Hi Bill, yes for now the invites have only been sent out the beta testers and access to the beta section of the forum is restricted. Please send me a DM on here if you filled out the form and haven’t received an invite


Hi,rock…I’m still kinda lost when using the beta there any guidelines? At least we know what to do for each next step.

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I sent in a beta test application and haven’t heard anything. I very much want to beta the app. Anything you could do would be great. Thanks so much.


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It’s the same for me, I’ve filled the request 2 times

Hey Carlo, all requests have been sent download link, likely an issue with your email address vs your app/play store address if you haven’t gotten - send me a DM and can take a look at