Beta Testing ROCK App - Forum Access

We are always looking to expand our beta testing network. If you are interested in joining our network, please fill out the below application to join our exclusive beta testing forum as well as receive an invite link the ROCK app Beta test

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When will we know if we’ve been selected for beta testing? Will being a beta tester affect our original product shipment date?


Do we need to reapply? I remember filling out this form already.


If you have already filled out, you’re all set (the only invites we sent out to join this forum now are people who signed up)!


I’m in! This is a fantastic resource for REEKON feedback which I plan to use a lot


If we get chosen to test the app will we get the T1 tomahawk early or no?


Everyone who applied will be able to test the app but the T1 beta testers have already been notified if they have been selected as we had much more limited quantities and needed them to be located near Boston, US!



I am not seeing the locked ROCK App Beta Testing in my account.


Great to see the stuff moving! Hopefully we can test the product in the United Kingdom and share our thoughts !

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Cant find the app anywhere on the page

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Hey, we will be sending out a separate email later tomorrow with download instructions!


Exciting stuff! I got a question, I’m running iOS Beta, does that affect your beta app? Or should I switch to a more stable iOS if possible?

as long as it can run testflight shouldn’t be an issue

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I am also running iOS beta on my iPhone I am a tester for a couple other apps and have no issues with TestFlight. Though Derrick it would be advisable to always ask what iOS is being run and if it’s a beta for bug tracking. I have caught a couple issues in the past (with other apps) where they were not able to replicate until they went to the newest iOS beta.


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Where do I need to submit bugs to?

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Hello, please see below:

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So… maybe I’m a little dense… I received the TestFlight invite and downloaded the app from the invite. But what can you really do without the hardware?


HI Tom, you can still generate cut lists and make photo annotations and notes for jobsite use. We are also working on a variety of construction calculators and a lot of the infrastructure is already in the app.

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