Beta Testing ROCK App - Forum Access

TestFlight??? Am i missing an app?

TestFlight is Apple proprietary middleware for app beta testing in real world environment.

Ahhhhh, im Android. Thank you for the clarification

Anyone else not getting the app via email? Im being told it was sent twice now. But I am not getting anything not even in spam.

What OS are you using, Apple Android?

If you have Apple, you must have TestFlight app and download RÖCK via TestFlight.

Thanks for response. Negative I have android.

Good morning Beta team. It is my pleasure and with great excitement to be a part of this group. I do have a question like many before me it seems. I also did not receive the link to the app. I only received a link to join the forum. Am I missing an email?

I do have TestFlight downloaded as well.

Hello, please send me a DM with your email and well take a look!

App looks neat but without the tool is hard to test or give any opinion in what you can improve it

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Why does the app need my location?

Hello - the app tracks measurements by locations. You certainly dont need to if you dont want to but just an added functionality to know when and where measurements were taken

have submitted my application. I hope I may be of use.