Landscape for ipad

Is it possible to use the rock app in landscape mode on an iPad?

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Hello, not at this time but certainly something that we are considering for future updates! Are there specific functions in the app that you would prefer to use in landscape mode?


At the moment I use OneNote as my “Drawing on photos” app. On an iPad with Apple Pencil. I tried your app and also used my Pencil. This works well. Also I have my iPad attached to a Magic Keyboard. So pretty much everything I do on the iPad is in landscape so thats why I asked.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Hans Zee

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Thanks for the feedback Hans, certainly something we are working on for future releases! Please let us know if there are any other features or improvements you would like to see as well to ensure we make the best app possible!

I’d also support this / bump this up. I use my ipad pro in landscape mode with particular tools where it sits on the folio keyboard dock or whatever you call it.

I hope the landscape mode (for tablets) will be released soon.