Laser Targeting Mode?

Hello! I recently received my T1 and I am blown away by the build quality and how well thought out it was designed! I have but one question: has the laser targeting mode been implemented? It seems like a very handy feature and I cannot figure out how to use it :sweat_smile::+1: thanks for any help.

Hello Nickelo, glad to hear it! We are planning to put this in in a future firmware update (along with Groups and layout guide) but is not currently in the firmware!

Thanks for the info! I am looking forward to it being implemented

@therock, Nickelo beat me to the punch as I was curious too because it looks amazing:

Thought maybe I needed to upgrade my firmware since I hadn’t paired it to my phone first but after finally calibrating the T1, no dice with the Targeting Mode.

I am probably a newb but didn’t realize the absolute precision needed to set up the T1 – didn’t realize at first I was calibrating - thought I was assisting in self-checkups by the T1.

After my 8th attempt at half-assing it, did some research on here and found someone saying you couldn’t be more than 1/64th off in calibrating? That is when I got serious and got it calibrated but a heads-up in the documentation would have saved me a ton of time.

But damn, I freaking love this thing! The extending laser line is so freaking handy!!!

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Haha, it also took me a couple tries to calibrate correctly! I’m very excited for when the targeting mode gets added. Can’t wait.