M1 Caliper Blade Kerf Size Setting Issue

I have calibrated my M1 and set the blade size to 3/32, but when I try to use the M1 it shows the blade size as 1/8. I have calibrated many times and set the blade size many times and the blade size always shows 1/8.

Any ideas?

Mark Clanton

Hey Mark, thanks for reaching out! There are two fractional display modes on the M1 - one with 1/16" display and one with 1/32"

Right now, you are in 1/16" mode so it rounds the display (not the internal value) up to 1/8" since it is the closest fraction to 3/32". To show 3/32", simply hit the units button until you reach fractional 1/32" mode and it will show the fully 32nd resolution!

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