October 31st, 2023 (1.0.12) - Scalable Canvas and Calculators

The October Release of the ROCK Jobsite App is packed with great features and fixes highlighted below! As always, reach out or comment here if there is any feedback, improvements, or features you would like to see in next month’s release!


  • Cleanup and swiping actions added to Area Page
  • Color pallets refined to match Projects and Areas to one another
  • Measurement grid on Area page scrolls upon creating or adding new measurement
  • Settings and profile page refinement
  • General bug fixes

Photo Annotations

  • Ability to pan and zoom on annotations allowing seamless collaborations between phones and tablets

Fractional Calculator

  • Fractional outputs on calculator
  • Added parentheses for fractional calculator as operators
  • History view for Fractional Calculator
  • AbIlity to edit previous measurements

Construction Calculators

  • Ability to pan and zoom on calculators
  • Added Rolling Offset Calculator
  • Added Conduit Bending Calculators (offset, 3 point saddle, 4 point saddle, parallel offset, 90 degrees)