Option to select or deselect units displayed

Hey, just received my T1 today. Very nice product. Need to play around a bit to get used to all the things I can do with it.
Since I’m from Europe I only use metric units. I would like to have the ability to deactivate different units to toggle through. So I would only toggle though the metric units and maybe inches but not to show all the other imperial units. This would make it easier to change them.
Would be nice to do this in the App or even better to have the option in the deeper menu to only show metric or imperial. Should be easy to implement.

Thanks a lot and keep up the good work. I am looking forward to get new and exciting features updates.


Thanks for the suggestion Niko, we are always looking to improve the functionality and speed of use of our products and this is a great suggestion which I can pass along to our product team!

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Hi, got my T1 since yesterday, and this was one of the first thing I noticed.
I have a metric blade, so why should I need differents units then meter, centimeter or millemeter.
Perhaps this could be adjustable by a preference in ROCK.

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