[Added] App / T1 Feature Request - in/8th's & in/4th's + Selectable options

So we got in/16th & in/32nd plus all the other ones. m/mm/cm/in/ft etc, Could we get in/8th + in/4th?

Most of what I do is pipe bending, I don’t exactly have a use for 16ths let alone 32nds.

Maybe, in the ROCK app, allow us to toggle what measurements are available via the app with checkboxes. Would allow the end user to only select what they might need, so they don’t have to cycle through every single option.



Hello, thanks for the suggestion! So you would like to see a 1/4" and 1/8" tolerance option added to the ROCK app for use with the pipe bending utilities?

With the pipe bending part of the app you can put in any value, so nothing to change on that.

I’m talking as a measurement option for the top oled display on the T1 itself.

As seen below you have options of inch (fraction) and the icon shows xx/16 and xx/32. Im proposing adding x/4 and x/8

Also make the options check boxes, so when it syncs to the T1 only the checked options are on the device when you cycle through the different modes.


Thanks for the feedback, this is a great suggestion and something we will explore for upcoming updates as an ability to set the tolerance.

Please let us know if there are any other calculators or utilities that you would like to see added to the app as well!

GREAT IDEA! I work with retired men doing volunteer repairs. Their eyesight is not great, and the constant changing numbers on the screen is challenging. 8th’s and/or quarter’s would be Great as that is as accurate as these guys get, due to limited vision.

We are working on adding tolerancing to next months app update!

I too would like this request. Since inch-16ths and ft-16ths are my two most commonly used units; I’d like to be able to quickly toggle between the two on a regular basis and unlock the other units in unique situations. Maybe a long button press to allow access to the less frequently used units.

coming soon to the ROCK App, the ability to set global tolerances for all fractional and decimal units.

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Tolerancing released today (1.0.41) allowing you to select your desired “tolerance” for fractional and decimal units anywhere in the ROCK Jobsite App!