SOLVED (Normal Operation): E-Paper Screen Flickering/Flashing

I just received my T1 and seem to be having issues with the e-paper screen. It reverses colors then starts flickering until it goes off and comes back on. It keeps doing it every 20-30 seconds. It was doing it as soon as I took it out of the box and continues to do it after updating the firmware. I have a short video of it doing it, but can not upload it to the post. Here is a shared Dropbox link to view the video. DropBox - Reekon Tools T1 E-Paper Flicker

I am also attaching a few screen snips from the video. I’m guessing it’s not supposed to be doing that?

I just unboxed mine 10 minutes ago, and I’m seeing the same problem.

this is how epaper display works, it is not an issue - it needs to redraw the whole display, so it needs to flicker. it is mentioned in faq

Oh well nevermind then. I did a pretty good search of it to see if that was normal or not, but didn’t run across the FAQ about it. All good. Thanks for pointing that out.

hello, yes, inverting e-paper is normal and how the technology works! Its very cool to read up on but there are a bunch of black and white balls suspended in a fluid with opposite charges. the process you sees ensures that everything is redrawn correctly and removes ghosting!

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I noticed the display flickering often when powered, almost on a regular basis. Even when I am not pressing buttons or saving measurements. Is the communication between the App and T1 causing the screen to reset after a set amount?

I would assume there is no need to reset the eink screen unless there was new data to display.

There is a default trigger of about 30 seconds to refresh the screen while on to clean up any ghosting or previous actions. This value will likely change and become more event driven with future updates

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