T1 Tomahawk - What is the aluminum bar for?

So just got my Tomahawk and it seems awesome!

Initial questions I had that I could not find answers for readily in the quick start guides:

  1. Where is the pencil holder? Reading posts here @therock says it is still being built / sold later.

  2. What is this StealthMount thing for? Reading posts here @therock posted photos of it being a bracket for hanging the T1 from. (Makes me nervous about bumping into this thing and breaking it).

  3. What is this aluminum bar for?

I’ve watched so many videos and cannot figure it out.


Hello, thanks for posting!

  1. The pencil holder will be available as a separate accessory next year
  2. The StealthMounts piece is a wall mount for the T1 or the holster allowing it to mount to any flat surface - https://support.reekon.tools/hc/en-us/articles/21458824277268-What-is-the-Yellow-StealthMounts-Piece-in-the-T1-Package-
  3. This is the belt clip (if you dont want to use the holster) as well as protection for the e-paper screen


And now, that I looked at the pictures for #2, the StealthMounts, I see that is using the belt clip and not the edge of the yellow bottom piece to precariously hang as I misremembered it.

All of that makes way more sense!


Happy to help! Please let us know if anything else we can assist with!