Pencil Holder Missing?

Some photos and videos show the T1 with a pencil holder - it appears to be a small clip with a thumb screw that attaches to the T1. It is not shown in the QS guide or the unboxing FAQ. It was NOT included in my T1 box, nor is it attached to the device. Where is it? How can I get one?


Hey Mark, the pencil holder is not something that we have manufactured yet but will be released and available in our store sometime next year.


I have the same question; when in 2024 do you expect this to be available? After signing up for marketing communications, are you planning to include this when it’s available in marcomm activities?

Yes, we expect it to be available later in the year but no firm timelines yet - we will certainly send out to our mailing list once ready!

Hi - Just received my T1 today, and am impressed. Rugged piece of equipment and great feature set. Setup and calibration went fine. No issues - But I do want to put a plug in for rushing the pencil holder. If we want to use this to make cutlines, we kind of need the pencil holder. Now, I DID ALSO get the M1 Measuring tool for my Festool Kapex miter saw, so IN THEORY there shouldn’t need to be any physical cutlines - but I still want them. I’m just a DIYer, and I can be working on something, get busy at work, come back to the project two weeks later - and I’d like to see where I’ve measured. Eye-balling where the laser line is won’t cut it - so, it CAN’T be that difficult to make a little pencil holder clip, can it? This is such a great product - very sophisticated… it needs this little thing - which you’ve apparently already developed because early videos show this in use. Again - not knocking the product, but asking that it be released soon… Thinking about it, it might actually be difficult to make something that keeps a pencil aligned precisely with where the measure point is, so maybe I’m underestimating it. Let us know? Thanks!

Hello, glad to hear you got your T1! We are certainly working on finishing the pencil holder but, as you mentioned, there are some more difficulties of making it a great add on product that we are working on ironing out before releasing!

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If you have access to a 3D printer this might help you get by until the official one arrives