What is the C1 and CH Mode?

I can not find any information about re C1 and CH Mode in the main menu. If I switch it to on the display shows a different measurement but I did not know what to do with it.

Hello Niko, those are both for upcoming products, they are not needed/should not be used for now, stay tuned!

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Sounds exciting! What about the pencil holder for the T1? When will that be available?

Later this year we are planning for!

I know you aren’t going to comment on the “upcoming products” but do these products enhance the use of the t1, example being a laser distance reader that connects to the t1 via Bluetooth. any how I’m excited with any products coming from your team. if you need a volunteer/product tester you can always contact me. again amazing products keep it up

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thanks! we are excited to share additional details in the coming months. We have a few smaller and then some HUGE announcements coming up, stay tuned!