Automatic stops on retraction


As I understand it, the T-1 will have automatic retraction of the tape. Has any thought been given to the idea of having it stop at specific intervals during retraction?

For example, I measure a length along a wall and I want to mark where studs will go, so I enter 16" on the T-1, and it stops every 16" during retraction so I can mark where studs will go.

Another example is that I want to divide a plywood sheet into equal parts (similar to the AUTOMATIC MEASUREMENT DIVISION) topic, so I enter 12 and the T-1 stops every 8" during retraction so I can mark those points.

As a side note, do we have a place somewhere in this forum where all of the currently planned functions of the T-1 and the app are listed?


Hey Wolfen, thanks for the suggestion. We dont currently have a centralized location of all features as many are still in development/finalization ahead of our launch. We will post something similar in the summer.

As for your suggestion, very interesting idea. The T1 and App can do distance splitting digitally but as of now the stopping is controlled and actuated by the user.