T1 - Tape Physically locks up - Retract issues

Hey Folks - I apologize in advance if this issue has come up and has been mentioned in the forums already. But here it goes just the same.

I got my T1 Tomahawk not too long ago. It came with the standard Imperial blade, but I purchased the Imperial/Metric combo blade and installed it upon arrival. No issues installing and calibrating. My T1 sat for a few weeks and I just went to use it last night. What was strange was it took a LOT of effort to pull the tape blade out. :grimacing: Yes, the autolock was on. But, I couldn’t even press in the autolock button to disengage it. What I ended up doing was pulling the tape blade out to full extension. In that process, I could feel what I’m guessing was the spring inside kind of unraveling or loosening maybe? I couldn’t press in the autolock button until I had the tape blade pulled out by half it’s full length. At that point, the tape blade wouldn’t even retract. Once I had the tape blade fully pulled out, and gave the T1 a couple of sharp shakes (no smashing), I was finally able to get the tape blade to start retracting when the autolock button was pressed in. It was not quick like when I first installed the Metric/Imperial blade. It was slow. Once fully retracted, the autolock button did not have an issue with being pressed anymore. I still have issues with the retraction periodically though. What I end up doing is having to pull the tape blade out about 8 or 10 feet, give the T1 a shake again, and it seems to clear up for a bit. So it seems that the retraction part becomes a problem only after the T1 sits without use for a while. Have any of you fellow T1 users experienced this? Do I possibly have a mechanically defective T1? :confused:

Hello, do you mind sharing a video of what you are seeing as this behavior doesn’t sound normal - contact@reekon.tools