Automatic T1 Measurement Indication

Hi Rock,is it possible to program the T1 for auto calculated measurements like for example:-

  1. I want to mark before I insert screws for the cabinet box that I had measured

  2. I want to mark before Im making holes for the door hinges according to the length of the cabinet doors

All of these can be done by T1 just to determine the best possible strength of the cabinets,doors etc

This is a very good suggestions,I often took my time when determining space between screws

Do you mean set a specific measurement and have the T1 indicate when that measurement has been reached?

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What I’m trying to explain is it possible it can give auto calculation for the space between the screw that we’re going to insert after we measured the length of the cabinet box?

Thanks for the clarification, and yes, there will be a spacing utility on the app where if you give it a dimension (from the T1 or manually entered), it will output spacing locations based on the number of sections.