Not able to create custom calculations

Hi there,
as a glad new owner of the T1 I try to learn, how I can calculate things automatically.
Is there a tutorial for this theme available or any description?
Can anyone see, what I did wrong in the below shown screenshot?
Thanks for your help!

Hello, yes, you should use the operators based on the label in the pink circle (not what you title them). In the above example that would be $A+$B

Thanks for helping, now its ok.

Awesome, let me know if anything else I can help with - also, if you select the pink cirlce with the “A” or “B” in it while typing in an output field, it will automatically add in those variables as well without having to type it

Hi Derrick, again I really like this feature.
We´ll use for measurements of windows, Doors, air supplies…
Another question:
I read, that it would be possible, to use the T1 as keybord.
This would be perfect for our use case.
When I go to a building, I normally take my MS Surface with me, including our CAD Software. It would be perfect, if the T1 could be connected via Bluetooth.
Could you say something about this?

Hi Sebastian, we are working on a keyboard emulation but it is not yet available (planned for a little later this year).

We have worked with many window companies before and found there are optimized ways within the ROCK Jobsite Pro to create not only custom templates but also export into labeled CSV files - Fill out the demo form there if you want to chat more!