Combined - T1 Shipping Questions

Happy Fourth of July, brother!!!

Me too. Same. Bought both items. I saw the M1 advertised but yet we don’t get anything delivered. This seems to happen every time I get something on Kickstarter

It’s amazing I just saw the M1 on Amazon and I can have it in two days. Why cant I have the one I paid for a long time ago. I also paid for shipping a long time ago. Whomever is running this company isn’t cool.

Hi all, as mentioned in the campaign, shipping is combined for both items (as it would be 2x the price to ship separately) - we are beginning to ship everything out now and look forward to getting all orders out over the next few months!

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Looking foward to received mine since I 've pledged for both T1 and M1

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I am backer 145 and still no end in site wondering, why i havent got mine yet if you are even making 20 aday, i should have mine now. So are u guys shipping to a bigger companys and not the backers first? An honestly reply would be greatly appreciated thanks

I am a backer from over a year ago and have no idea what the truth is about receiving my PI tape. I keep seeing these posts and it seems no backers are receiving theirs either. to repeat the question above, are you sending out to companies first instead of your faithful backers and if so why? we should be getting the first releases. What is going on in truth.
very unhappy backer. this list to the right is a cop-out, Gary

Hello! As we manufacturer in Malaysia, we generally dont ship out the moment a unit is completed as we wait to fill up a full container (several thousand) and then ship out the full container to a geographical region. We have more than 25,000 orders to ship out so it will take time and, as always, the most detailed updates can be found on both of our update pages.

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I am backer 145 … 145 that the part that is shocking you guys havent even shipping out 145 tapes yet. Is that what your saying ? I have read and follow everything closely.

Correct, in the last update we said 50 have been sent out because they were airshipped and that the rest are in process of accumulating for a full container. Also, backer number isn’t always a perfect correlation to how they send out as many factors affect that (location, order size, accessories, etc).

This didn’t answer my question once again. we put in in the beginning and seem to be left out of the picture as loyal customers???

Hey Gary, sorry for missing that as I thought the above clarified - backers are the only people who have received their T1s and will continue to do so until complete by region (i.e. until every pre order backer in a given region receives their T1, we will not be selling to others)

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When does Reekon anticipate shipment of the
T-1 Tomahawk? No one Ever mentioned beta testing of the T-1

Hello, we have begun shipping and are continuing as soon as inventory arrives. We will post updates here as we get them from the factory.

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Will we receive an advance email notifying us of the pending shipment?

yes an email will be sent to the one on record prior to shipping

Could you possibly provide a tentative idea of the date on the next batch for shipment? I have been jumping in the air waiting to receive my T-1. Would it be too much trouble to email me my full confirmation of my order? Thank you so much!

Hi, please email our support team at as I dont have access to any of our internal systems!

I’m having a little trouble understanding the latest email. Am I correct in saying: 500 have been shipped and delivered to customers. No more will be shipped (N. America) until end of October with shipments running every two weeks after, hopes to wrap up by end of year?

Hi Zelwind, that sounds correct based on the most recent update from our customer team