Edit measurement

Hi, Is there any way to edit a measurement? Since every measurement has an unique ID it could then update all references to that measurement - in annotations, calculations,…

I am waiting for T1, so I am lazy and on the beginning I am only using approximate values for all calculations. Once I am doing the actual work I need exact measurements, which means I have to redo everything. If I could just update existing measurements it would be much easier.

Hello Randy, because of the data integrity across the app and the central character of measurements, there is no way to change them (as there is a lot of meta data tied to that measurement and would create a lot of edge cases/general use cases where it would break system logic).

Ok, then it is just forcing me to do exact measurements from the beginning => so I need to measure only once :slight_smile:
Btw, it could show if the measurement is a manual one or taken from a T1 device with his name.

yes! this is going to be released in the next version:

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