Fence Estimation Calculator

Good morning Rock,

We are fence installers over in Canada, and one of our main solutions was to make our own application for material quantity,
Will there be a option for estimations for Fence contractors?

the written code we have does all the math based on linear footage, 2rail option or 3 rail option, 1x6 picket board option full privacy/ shadowbox etc.

If this was in the subscription state of your application i would think it would help lots of contractors out there saving time.

Any questions can share my code for what we’ve created for our own application


Hey Mike, we would be happy to make one for you! Could you share more details/share what you have now? We’ll take a look and can have something put in the app later this week!

Hi Rock when i am home i will share some code of the statistics on it. Will give stats on a per footage material count as well

Thanks Mike, its super simple for us to make new utilities so will be happy to get this made for you (and others who use it as well)!

Hi Rock,

I have done the math for some statistics on a per linear foot format.

Full Privacy Fence:
1x6 Picket Boards: 2.18 per ft
2x4x8 Rails: 3 per 8ft
2x6x8(Top Rail): 1 Per 8feet
1 post per 8ft +1 for end

This formula works for all size posts.

Shadowbox Fence (2.75" space between boards)
1x6 Picket Boards: 3.04 per ft
2x4x8 Rails: 3 per 8f
2x6x8(Top Rail): 1 per 8feet
1 post per 8ft+1 for end.

Would be a great start thanks Rock :slight_smile:

Hey Mike, how does this look? Checked the math and seems to be good. Let me know what you think and I can share with you (and also show you how to make one yourself as we have a custom utility builder built in)!

math seems to be bang on! is there a way to share that? How do i make it so i can make ones for other styles? it would save hours of my time planning etc by using it all on the app

Hey Mike, yes happy to share, DM me your email and I can share with you.

To make your own, you can use our Inspection feature here and build a utility as you would a spreadsheet with more visual overlays.

I would be happy to walk you through making your first one and attached the formulas to make the above example below:

how do i make it so everytime i open to set a linear footage etc i can use feet instead of inches?

Hey Mike, there are two ways to switch the units

  1. On the Inspections screen aobove, you can click the units icon (top left - ruler) and select the units there
  2. On the Settings page of the app, you can change the global units

set it globally on settings, but still have to reset to ft everytime app opens.

How can i make the code read off other variables?

Every new post added, the other 2x4 and 2x6 numbers change, as of right now it will go as decimal points

Hi Mike, that’s odd that it resets as I am unable to replicate on my phone or phones here - so you are changing it on the “Settings” page? What does it reset to when you reopen the app?

Could you also explain your second point in more detail and give an example?

Hi Rock,
So based on your inspection app, if you decide a number that doesn’t give a decimal point (ex. 17ft /8= 2.125)+1 = 3.125
But material for 2x4 etc don’t need the decimal points, how do we make it so any number that’s a decimal doesn’t change till it’s the next true value?

Example: (17ft/8=3)+1 =4
(18/8=3)+1 =4
(19/8=3)+1 =4

(25/8=4)1 =4

Here is the code from my program i created to show some instances.

HI Mike, you can use the ceil() function to do so which should surround the equation you are calculating. This rounds up to the nearest whole number (i.e if the answer is “3.125” it would display “4”).

See example below from the original calculator:

Hi Rock,
Here’s the exact same format, ceil is intact,

It still causes issues by giving a .9, and some decimal are random numbers, showing the pictures below.

Let me know other codes i can use as the formula information tab does not contain too much info.

(Formula Info should contain more info as “ceil” etc. for forms of creating code

Hey Mike, this looks to be rounding related.

Can you try the formulas to be entirely contained in the function so rounding is done at the end


Also, you can find the full list of functions here - math.js | an extensive math library for JavaScript and Node.js as this is the library we use. almost all the funcitons work but no need for the math. at the beginning

Hey rock,

same issue, isn’t rounding up and staying.
Is there a better use of the formula to make decimal points non existent?

I will be creating ashphalt calculator as well as this is very handy for ordering per ton, quick math!

Thanks for sharing Mike, this looks like a math bug on the programming side, well take a look at it and have it fixed in the next update, our apologies in the meantime!