Inspections: Making a template to calculate cost based on square footage

Will there be any feature where you could have it calculate the square footage and if so be able to apply a cost to get a price for that measurement? If you could have several prices stored and it could give you a range or all the total prices in the range. This would be good when with a client to price out an estimate quickly for the stained glass window they are wanting.

Yes! This is exactly what the inspections features can do. Let me know more details about what you want it to do and I can post a tutorial here on how to make an “Inspection” Template that takes the dimensions and pricing information (in the form of a drop down like menu) and outputs a price

Great thanks.

When on the prospective job site and measuring a space for a stained glass window I need to quickly give the customer a range based off the width and hight. These two measurements would then need to be divided by 144 if given in inches. Then I would have a range of price per square foot already loaded. Say maybe a general across the board range of $100 to $200/sf and also maybe bands or subsets for if I already new the complexity of the design and choice of glass and materials. Say level A is $100- $125/sf. Level B is $126- $145/sf. If not then maybe the drop-down has each price in $5 increments.

Would also be nice to have a drop-down for installation cost if this was needed by the customer. Could be based off square footage or just have a range of prices in the drop down.